Dental Credentialing

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Dental Credentialing

Dental Health providers needs to take some appropriate steps with each insurance provider to confirm that you are providing the best coverage for every one of your patients. This means that your licensure, certifications, and overall practice history must be accurately documented, reviewed, and approved before the final dental insurance credentialing is issued.

Why Dental Credentialing is important

Without proper dental credentialing, processing claims will be delayed or possibly denied. Providers might be thinking that out-of-network providers are getting better reimbursement since they are not tied with any insurance provider pricing. Still, in reality, that’s more harmful in multiple ways, such as practice growth and lack of patient interest.

Now is the time for getting proper dental credentialing. MedsDental credentialing platform will guide you with the top insurance providers in your state. Click to see the top insurance provider in your state and get started.


Billing specific procedures under medical can be beneficial for both you and the patient. Our credentialing specialist can assist if medical credentialing is required for a wide range of procedures, including but not limited to implants, dental diagnostic and preventive procedures, dental restorations of fillings, tooth replacement, and endodontic procedures such as root canals.

MedsDental Credentialing Features


Our goal is to submit credentialing applications within 48 hours of receiving the completed forms and required documents.


Successfully enrolled providers within 90 to 120 days.

Follow up

Our credentialing specialist follow up with insurance provider every 2 weeks and provide detail updates on the contract.


We notify providers of their credentialing renewal dates, with an option of re-credentialing services.


Dental Auditing

Dental Auditing is an optional service. If your practice is experiencing any delays in reimbursement or a high number of A/R, the best approach is to get an audit to understand the financial health of your practice.

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