How to attract right patients to your dental practice

How to attract the right patients to your dental practice?

Suppose you own a dental office, irrespective of whether you’re newly going out by constructing your clinic, purchased a practice, or have an established customer base. In that case, you constantly need to bring in new patients to keep your practice running smoothly. But, attracting new and right patients to dental practices is challenging. Even if you have a devoted audience, attracting new customers is essential to expanding your dental office in the long run. Make sure your dentist’s office is accessible and engaging to potential patients. The major challenge, though, is how to attract patients to your dental practice.

9 guaranteed ways to attract more patients to your dental clinic

Story telling

  • Interact with the neighborhood media and press, and give them enticing content and details about your clinic and the services you offer to your patients.
  • Remember that your stories demonstrate how you give your clients the smiling face they desire.

Embrace new technology

Updating the technology in your workplace will assist you in drawing in potential clients while keeping hold of existing customers. Make sure to mention on your dentistry webpage that you are employing these cutting-edge technologies and utilizing all the existing dental tools:

    • Online appointment booking: Implement a simplified and easily accessible appointment-booking system that allows anyone to book their appointment round-the-clock.
    • CAD/CAM dentistry: The designing and production of crowns, dentures, and other products may be completed considerably faster due to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
    • Offer teledentistry: Teledentistry is a well-accepted approach and is preferred by many patients.
    • Digital record keeping: Eliminating manual records and switching to electronic ones improves the speed of procedures leading to an impressive impact on the patient’s mind.
    • Intraoral scanner: They generate high-quality dental models making your practice efficient.

Social media

Social media has become a compelling source of engaging with people and promoting anything, whether an institute, healthcare organization, books, or more. According to a poll, 52% of dental professionals in the U.S. confessed to using social media primarily for marketing (Rachel K Henry, Amy Molnar, Jon C Henry, 2012).

      • You must utilize your time creating social media pages to let others know about your practices and services. These social media tools include:
            1. Facebook page
            2. Twitter
            3. Instagram page
            4. LinkedIn etc.
      • Share your practice’s stories that you experienced in a way that could influence readers.
      • Provide engaging and informational content for people.
      • Providing preventative measures for oral health will depict that you are genuinely concerned about the patient’s dental health.
      • Try to answer questions on these pages to clear people’s confusion about your dental practice.

Stand out from the crowd

Most individuals already visit a dentist occasionally a regularly. They are aware of the provider, and the insurance is registered. So how would they choose you instead?

  • Focusing on your unique and peculiar services and additional capabilities that define you as distinctive, such as emergency or after-hours dentistry is a splendid approach.
  • Many offices use their USP of “luxury dentistry” to differentiate themselves apart. You could also focus on your areas of expertise, for example:
      • Dentistry under sedation
      • Dentures
      • Veneers
      • Implants
      • Invisalign
      • Sleep appliances

Start a practice blog

One of the most efficient methods to interact with your target consumers and draw clients to your dental office is blogging. The wonderful thing is that you may achieve incredible results even if you do not post a blog daily. Answering patient inquiries and boosting your website’s ranking may be accomplished by blogging as little as twice per month.

In addition to blogging, SEO is the leading tactic to get patients into your facility. You must seek the advice of a marketing expert (ideally a dental marketing expert) to assist you in choosing what keywords to approach and how. You will undoubtedly be in a strong position regarding your SEO strategy and Google search results if you use the proper keyword research techniques.

Seek business referrals

A further excellent technique to draw additional people to your practice is through recommendations. To do this, upgrade relationships with other companies in your neighborhood and community so that you may collaborate to suggest clients to one another.

You’ll achieve the most pertinent and beneficial references by collaborating with someone or a company linked to your industry, such as an oral surgeon, physician, or orthodontist.

Ask existing patients for referrals

Among the top-notch ways to attract new patients is through your current clients. Nevertheless, you can’t just relax while waiting for referrals from patients who have already visited your dental office. Instead, take charge and devise a brilliant tactic to ask your happy patients for recommendations. Send follow-up emails asking for referrals after sending emails to patients to assess their satisfaction with your services. Please provide them with the perks and benefits of referral.

Establish flexible payment plans

Each patient or client doesn’t need insurance, and patients avoid visiting dentists. It is the best opportunity for you to address payment issues of the clients so that they come to your firm without any concern. So cooperate with patients regarding payments by adopting different options such as:

      1. Offer flexible payment plans: If the treatment is expensive and the patient cannot pay full payment at once, you should be flexible with your patient. You must divide the fee and present acceptable installment plans in this situation. In this way, you will gain patients’ trust, and patients won’t decide to cancel the treatment plan.
      2. Offer flexible payment options: Gone are the days when healthcare centers used cash payment. Time has changed, and strategies have changed. It would be beneficial for your organization to accept payment using various methods. For example, you can accept payment from a Debit card, credit card, portals, cheques, etc. Assure people that they can pay in any way that is convenient for them.
      3. Partnering with an outside financing company: Think about collaborating with a finance firm to let patients loan when required and return it later.
      4. Offer discounts to keep patients returning: A good offer appeals to everyone. Consider providing incentives like a free cleaning upon two other procedures, teeth whitening, a discount on x-rays, etc.

Publish testimonials to instil confidence in prospective patients

Patient feedback could be a terrific tool for growing the customer at your clinical practices if appropriately handled. Before making any appointments, consumers frequently use Google to make their inquiries while seeking a new clinic. People often look for recommendations, comments, and reviews: “94% of healthcare patients utilize internet reviews to assess providers.” A survey named “Importance of online reviews when choosing a dentist in 2019 (statistics)” showed that 87% of the patients in the U.S. rely on online reviews as a means of visiting the dentist ( Petya Ivanova, 2019). Thus, it is advised that you share your patients’ comments online.

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