CDT D7210-Surgical Extraction of Erupted Teeth and Retained Roots

D7210: surgical removal of an erupted tooth requiring elevation of a mucoperiosteal flap and removal of bone and/or section of the tooth.


Extraction, erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of the tooth, including elevation of the mucoperiosteal flap if indicated. Includes related cutting of gingival and bone, removal of tooth structure, minor smoothing of the socket, and closure.


To remove bone or section tooth. D7210 indicates the completion of the extraction.

Medical Necessity

  • K04.4 Acute apical periodontitis of pulpal origin
  • K04.6 Periapical abscess with sinus
  • K04.7 Periapical abscess without sinus
  • K08.0 Teeth exfoliation from systemic reasons
  • K08.419 Traumatic partial tooth loss, undetermined class


Suture placement and removal, limited bone smoothing, closure, and routine follow-up are all included in the D7210 fee. The procedure is limited to one per tooth in Lifetime.

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