Dental Auditing

A significant first step to consulting, MedsDental's Practice Audit Solution provides an in-depth evaluation of your practice systems, identifying process gaps and untapped value, all presented in a detailed report.


Auditing Service

Dental auditing is a systematic valuation of performance within a dental care practice/organization. Almost any element of dental care can be audited, but most audits look at mechanisms of payer reimbursement processes to appraise compliance with payer guidelines and contracts. The dental audit service a vital role in a dental care organization’s compliance plan by detecting errors and formulating remedial actions to eliminate them.

At MedsDental, we compare the services documented as utilized in the dental record against the charges listed on an itemized bill. We check to ensure the codes used and the prices charged are correct. We also reviewed the insurance policy to ensure the claims were paid according to the policy contract. This allows us to find errors and overcharges in the bill and incorrect insurance payments.

What you can expect from MedsDental Auditors


Reducing claim denials caused by wrong coding or insufficient documentation.


Ensuring proper documentation that supports reported services and procedures.


Discovering overpayments and protecting against false claims liability.


Identifying reimbursement deficiencies.

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Dental Billing

Identifying discrepancies through auditing is a significant first step, but don’t lose track of your claims. Sign up for MedsDental Billing Services to streamline your dental billing process.

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