Patient Help Desk Support

A premium feature by MedsDental to give your front office staff the time to focus on patient care.


Help Desk Offers

Patient Help Desk Offers

The patient Help Desk offers diversity in services. We provide a dedicated phone number to your practice for your patients so they can call whenever they have any questions regarding the patient statement or account balance.



Insurance EOB + Patient Responsibility (PR)

Data Verification And Provider's Approval

Patient Statement Invoices

Patient Payment + Following Calls - 1st Balance Reminder Calls

Payment Plan + 2nd Follow Up Call 2nd Balance Reminder Calls

Final And Revised Statements Balance Reminder Calls

Patient Fully Paid 3rd Balance Reminder Calls

Account Close Referred To Collection Agency

Patient Help Desk

  • Appointment calls
  • All inbound/outbound calls
  • Payment Queries

Front Desk Services

  • All types of patient Questions/concerns (Appointment, schedule or rescheduling, etc.
  • Patient data verification ( i.e, Demographic, benefits, etc).
  • Confirmation , reminder calls, messages and emails.

Patient A/R

  • Patient statements/invoices
  • Balance reminder calls
  • Payment plans and online payment collection (According to client approval)
  • PHD reports (weekly/monthly)

The patient help desk is an optional feature. Gear up, Get in touch with a specialist at MedsDental to customize a PHD package for your practice so your front staff can dedicate their time to patient care while we take care of your billing operations.

Core Service

Dental Insurance Verification

Let MedsDental specialist streamline your eligibility, benefits and authorization process.

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