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MedsDental founded to meet the growing need of dental industry, with a concentration on dental coding services.


Coding Service

Dental coding is an essential part of revenue cycle management but is also highly complex. We simplify dental and medical coding for each clinician by keeping a set of eyes on every claim and providing specialty-specific coding to improve clinical documentation.

Dental coding transforms healthcare diagnosis, procedures, and medical services, into medical alphanumeric codes. The diagnoses and procedure codes are taken from medical record documentation, such as transcription of dentist’s notes, etc. Our certified coders ensure the codes are applied correctly during the dental billing process, which includes extracting the information from documentation, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating a claim to be paid by insurance providers.

What does a MedsDental Coder do?


When a patient visits a dental practice, dentist will document all treatments and diagnosis


MedsDental Certified Coder review each note and translate the document into dental codes.


Dental biller will ensure all the required information is on the claim including all the dental / medical procedure codes determined by the coder.


Biller submit the claims to insurance provider for reimbursement.


Payment received from insurance provider.


Upon receiving the payments, biller will post the payments, and take actions on denials. Denials includes a code reason, certified coder will take corrective measures for resubmission.

Avoid denials with appropriate dental coding and claim review

92 %

Of denials are avoidable with proper coding.

3 out of 5

denials can be recovered after review coding reasons


A/R can be reduced with proper coding in first submission

Coding Compliance

Constant changes to dental coding can make claims management seems complex. Coding compliance by MedsDental certified coders makes us a unique platform to improve practice growth.

Any technical/billing questions?

You might be wondering if your practice management software is compatible with our platform, what if any I.T. requirements are necessary, or whether or not we handle your money. These and other technical questions are answered in our FAQ.


Dental Insurance Verification

Let MedsDental specialist streamline your eligibility, benefits and authorization process.

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