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Our Dental Insurance Billing Service Platform

Our platform facilitates Dental Insurance Billing and Patient Billing. Our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to you. Increase your income by outsourcing your billing.

All Features of the Dental Billing

EOBs Posted

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely – within 24 business hours after the EOB is scanned by your office.


For claims denied, our denial management department will instantly review the reason and proceed with the appeals accordingly.

Verify Procedures that
are Not Sent to Insurance

Often we find that insurance claims are not created timely. Our platform helps ensure that this oversight is remedied. this oversight is remedied.

Primary & Secondary

Electronic submission of all insurance billing for primary and secondary claims within 24 business hours. If your practice submits paper dental claims, MedsDental will offer free electronic set up without any hidden costs. We review and ensure error free claims prior to submitting to insurance companies.

Missing Information
is Gathered

Often patient’s family files are incomplete. This will cause a claim to be denied after thirty (30) days, if not caught before the claim is sent. A typical office will usually have two or three issues like this weekly.

Analytics &

Our analytics and reporting services provide amazing benefits, like faster results, reduced expenses and costs, and better return on investments when compared to companies who are running reports on their own.

Aging Report

Precise analysis of Insurance Aging Reports every month. Clients receive daily summaries outlining all overdue claims and appeals. MedsDental will also include total collections and Account receivable balances between 30-60 days overdue, 60-90 days overdue, and past 90 days overdue.


Outstanding balances for 30 days or more are monitored routinely to ensure reimbursement. Client customized daily or weekly reports will include a summary of any account receivables. Billing specialists at MedsDental will update overdue claim status with detail notes on your dental practice EHR software.

Our Commitments

Collect 100% payments from insurance & patients

Timely & error free claims submission

Daily auto payment posting to patient’s account

Aggressive insurance follow-up to get the claims paid

Resolve aged claims

Any technical questions?

You might be wondering if your practice management software is compatible with our platform, what if any I.T. requirements are necessary, or whether or not we handle your money. These and other technical questions are answered in our FAQ.


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