Who we are

Who we are

11 years ago Dr. James Anderson was hard at work seeing patients, trying to grow a successful dental practice, attempting to hire the right staff and keep them, and looking for the answer that made this all easier so he could be home with his family for dinner every night. Sound familiar? Luckily, he crossed paths with Sandy Odle, co-founder, and she did wonders for his several practices, but still they knew there had to be something out there that streamlined the process. How do you get what you are rightfully owed 100% of the time? Thus planted the seed that grew eAssist Dental Solutions.

Eventually adding a handful of eAssisters and clients to the eAssist platform at a time, Dr. Anderson and Sandy saw their dream of giving peace of mind to other dentists and office staff coming to light. As they thought, other dentists were having the same problems as them; staff turnover causing constant training, lack of productivity with staff vacations and time off, staff spread too thin trying to provide amazing care while sitting on endless phone calls with insurance getting claims paid, and the dentist, most of the time, helping in every area of the practice and not having sole focus on patients and procedures. Though every office goes through these points as they are growing this is not how it has to be. There is a solution, eAssist Dental Solutions.

Today eAssist is the #1 platform for dental billing! Our platform continues to enable the best outsourced dental billing alongside other time-saving, profit-making services to assist your dental office. The eAssist platform can now offer almost complete front office support to your general and/or specialty dental office. Though the growth has allowed Dr. Anderson, Sandy and eAssist nation to support over 1400 practices, the eAssist culture and platform brand promises remain the main focus of all eAssisters.

Our Culture

Our culture is present in every aspect of our company from our executives all the way up to the success consultants who use our platform. Our eAssisters embody it and dental offices choose us because of it. Creating peace of mind for dental offices is always at the top of our list. Dentists and office staff should be able to focus on their patients’ experience and referrals to grow their practice, not sitting on hold tracking down claims and money that is owed to them.

eAssist nation is built with the best, most experienced and caring people with only 35% of applicants who apply being hired on. We recognize our team with several internal awards – from being a go getter to making sure the internal processes are being upheld. Our culture is not taught, but felt company wide.

We are servant leaders

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Source: 2020 Great Place to Work Trust Index® Survey

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