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D0210 Dental Code - Intraoral Complete Series X-rays

In the realm of comprehensive oral evaluations at your dental practice, using radiographs, or X-rays, is a common and invaluable tool that allows for insight not achievable with the naked eye alone. One essential dental procedure, coded as D0210, involves capturing a full mouth series of X-rays. This procedure is meticulously performed to provide an accurate and detailed view of all teeth within the oral cavity, including the alveolar bone that cradles each tooth in the jaw. Nonetheless, it's not uncommon for healthcare providers to inadvertently mix up D0210 with other codes related to radiographic images, which can lead to significant consequences and patient dissatisfaction. To mitigate such challenges and uphold the standards of professionalism, precision, and expertise, many dentists opt for a strategic approach – outsourcing the coding, especially for D0210. In response to this need, MedsDental Billing Company stands ready to deliver top-tier coding and billing services, leveraging the expertise of certified and experienced coders.
Are you aware of the pivotal role that the D0210 Dental Code plays in maintaining your oral health? Let's dive deeper into this essential dental procedure in this post.

Unlocking the Diagnostic Power of D0210 Dental Code - Intraoral Complete Series X-rays

D0210 dental code' descriptor and nomenclature was revised and became effective on 1st January 2023, according to which D0210 is an ADA dental code used for the Intraoral Complete Series X-rays, also known as the "comprehensive series of radiographic images." ADA also says that the Intraoral complete series X-rays involve a series of individual radiographs, including periapical, bitewing, and occlusal views. These collectively create a detailed panorama of the teeth, all crowns, supporting structures, and surrounding tissues, alveolar views, including edentulous areas.
The D0210 dental code, known as an "intraoral complete series code," is often requested after a dentist conducts a thorough initial examination of a new patient. After the comprehensive oral evaluation, the dentist will prescribe specific radiographic images based on the individual needs and conditions of the patient.
Category:Dental examination and diagnosis code
Purpose: Dentists use this code to document and bill for a thorough assessment of a
patient's oral health. Following this, the dentists will decide to proceed with further treatment; for instance, they may suggest a porcelain/ceramic crown.

D0210 code 2023 Revisions and Rationale


Old updates Revised updates
Intraoral complete series of radiographic images Intraoral “comprehensive” series of radiographic images
Radiographic survey of the whole mouth, typically involving 14-22 periapical and posterior bitewing images or intended to display the crowns and roots of all teeth, periapical areas, and alveolar bones. A radiographic survey of the whole mouth is intended to display the roots and crowns of all teeth, interproximal areas, periapical areas, and alveolar bone, including edentulous areas.

The revisions in the description of this procedure aim to provide a clearer understanding of its purpose, which is to conduct a thorough survey of a patient's oral condition. It now explicitly recognizes that the dentist is responsible for determining the specific number and type of images required to achieve this objective safely for each patient. This updated language has also been extended to similar Procedure Codes, such as D0709 (for image capture only.)

What is the right number of radiographic images that must be taken to be considered a comprehensive series (e.g., D0210)?

The decision regarding the type and quantity of radiographic images required for a comprehensive Full Mouth Series (FMX) lies squarely with the dentist. There's no fixed, universal number or specific radiograph type that universally defines when an "FMX" procedure has been administered.
In a notable revision to the descriptor, the mention of "..usually consisting of 14-22 periapical and bitewing images" has been removed. This revision simplifies the criteria used to determine appropriate procedure codes such as D0210 (or others like D0709, D0372, and D0387). This determination is made based on the unique circumstances of the image capture rather than a predetermined set of images.

Limitations and Requirements

  • Once per year, per provider, per member
  • Not billable/reimbursable within six months of another x-ray such as D0230, D0220, D0274, D0240, D0330, D0272, D0270, except in case of emergency.

Warnings and Cautions of the D0210 Dental Code

Dental professionals must exercise caution when utilizing the D0210 Dental Code for Intraoral Complete Series X-rays.

  1. One crucial warning is against the misleading practice of combining extraoral panoramic radiography (D0330) and bitewing images (D0272/D0273/D0274) and reporting them as a complete intraoral series (D0210).
  2. It is crucial to be aware that, for billing purposes, insurance providers often categorize extraoral panoramic and intraoral bitewing X-rays as a complete series under the D0210 code.
  3. The dentist should always base the frequency of D0210 or any other radiographic imaging on the patient's specific requirements, as outlined by the FDA and ADA guidelines
  4. Insurance coverage should never influence clinical decisions regarding the necessity of dental images. Dental professionals must base their imaging choices on the patient's diagnostic needs, not their financial plan.
  5. To ensure compliance and avoid payment issues, every patient record should contain a well-documented assessment of the diagnostic images acquired during their visit. Failure to do so might lead to insurance providers withholding payments or seeking reimbursement post-audit.

Related CDT Codes

Codes Description Limitations
D0230 Intraoral — periapical each additional radiographic image
  • Upto 3 per day
  • Not payable with D0210 on the same DOS or up to six months after
  • Required to billed with D0220
D0220 Intraoral — periapical first radiographic image
  • One per day.
  • Not payable with D0210 on the same DOS or up to six months after
D0240 Intraoral—occlusal radiographic image
  • Up to two per day.
  • Not payable with D0210 on the same DOS
D0250 Extra-oral — 2D projection radiographic image created using a stationary radiation source and detector
  • One per day
  • In case of emergency only
D0270 Bitewing — single radiographic image
  • One set of bitewings per six-month period, per provider, per member.
  • It is not payable with D0272, D0274, D0210, D0273 on same DOS or up to six months after
D0273 Bitewings — three radiographic images
  • One set of bitewings once within six months, per member, per provider.
  • It is not payable with D0270, D0272, D0274, or D0210, on same DOS or up to six months after.
D0274 Bitewings — four radiographic images
  • One set of bitewings per six-month period, per member, per provider.
D0272 Bitewings — two radiographic images
  • One set of bitewings once within six months, per member, per provider.
  • It is not payable with D0270, D0274, D0210, or D0273 on the same DOS or up to six months after.
D0330 Panoramic radiographic image
  • One per day when another radiograph is insufficient for proper diagnosis.
  • It is not payable with D0210, D0270, D0272, D0273, or D0274

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