how technology can help to streamline the dental billing process

How technology can help to streamline the dental billing process?

Billing is a significant element in running any dental practice smoothly. The correct billing process is directly related to enhanced revenue and the excellent reputation of a dental organization. Although a productive dental office must put the needs of the patients first, still revenue cycle management cannot be disregarded because it is crucial to keeping the business running and the lights on. Adopting technology to automate office procedures is one strategy to improve revenue cycle management. Dentists can now perform a broader range of operations using contemporary methods. Dental offices are increasingly utilizing digital technologies. (M. M. van der Zande, R. C. Gorter & D. Wismeijer, 2013) They frequently facilitate and speed up dental procedures, and many of them can increase their efficacy. (Mateusz Switała, Wojciech Zakrzewski, Zbigniew Rybak, Maria Szymonowicz, Maciej Dobrzynski, 2022)
Do you want to know how technology can help to streamline the dental billing process? Let’s go ahead.

How technology can help to streamline the dental billing process?

Electronic Health Records

According to a research letter published in JAMA, several organizations risk privacy violations by discarding paper-based data in garbage and recycling bins, despite rigorous rules mandating healthcare professionals to protect patients’ personal information. (Joshua Kapil Ramjist, Natalie Coburn, David Robert Urbach, Anand Govindarajan, Kathleen Anne Armstrong,Audrey Lynn Scott, Nancy Noel Baxter, 2018)

EHRs may assist practices in streamlining their revenue and reducing costs. HER reduces cost and streamlines billing by:

    • Reducing errors
    • Accurate charge entry
    • Eliminating manual billing
    • Applying accurate codes
    • Following security rules
    • Reducing medication errors

The National Academies of Medicine state that an EHR has many essential functions, including gathering health data, managing prescriptions and outcomes, clinical decision-making, exchanging health information electronically, electronic communication, patient support, operational procedures, and population health reporting. (Ehrenstein V, Kharrazi H, Lehmann H, et al., 2019

Incorporate electronic claims

Both paper forms and electronic forms can be used to submit claims. (Jyothi M Borkar, Manjunatha R, 2019) It may be complicated to manage dental insurance claims. However, if you find your inefficiencies and obstacles, you may quicken the processing of claims and cut expenses. Since electronic claims are given preference over paper claims, you must implement an electronic claim system. It has the following perks:

    • Historically, paper claims have been paid later than technological claims, based on the type of business. Instead of the typical 30 to 90 days for paper claims, you can receive your reimbursement within two weeks.
    • Errors are caught in time when patient records are supplied electronically.
    • Electronically submitted claims increase productivity while saving money on postal and other paper-related costs.

Implement secure electronic fax

You may send narrative reports, prescriptions, and other documents through e-fax to the insurance companies, saving you time and reducing paper usage.

Digital x-rays and charting

In the situation of a claim appeal, the provider must have access to electronic originals or printed data that has been scanned and converted to a digital version. Billers can quickly check over, file the claims, and work to appeal if refused due to digital x-rays and charting that can be uploaded directly into the practice management software.

Manage dental billing code verification

The everyday duties of dental professionals include a challenging chore called dental coding. Coding is crucial in healthcare billing since insurance companies always reject claims with incorrect coding. The validity of a claim will be hampered by inaccurate coding and billing. (Jyothi M Borkar,Manjunatha R, 2019) Dental operations are covered by hundreds of different types of codes. This is where artificial intelligence may be helpful. AI has increasingly been used in dentistry and medicine in recent years. (Tim Eschert, Falk Schwendicke, Joachim Krois, Lauren Bohner, Shankeeth Vinayahalingam, Marcel Hanisch, 2022) Medical coding is a time-consuming activity that frequently causes mental weariness, according to IBM. Coding, with the assistance of technology, frees the practitioner to focus on other essential responsibilities. The code gets more precise and efficient over time as the machine gains more knowledge about your practice. When cutting-edge technology and real-time data are combined, there are a lot of opportunities.

Cost savings

Cost reductions for the office are also an advantage of dental billing technology. Dental billing software drastically reduces the amount of physical paperwork that must be kept on file and the costs associated with mailing claims to the payer and using the postal service.

Clarity on attachment requirements

The ability to comprehend any attachment demands before submitting a claim because technology virtually eliminates the possibility of a claim being denied due to a missing attachment.

Improving the patient experience

Manual billing consumes the spare time of a doctor. Hence, the quality of patient care and treatment is compromised. Although a technology-based practice might offer numerous advantages from a commercial standpoint, it’s equally crucial to concentrate on the patient aspect. Technology will help you in efficient billing, giving you more time. The way health organizations function has been profoundly altered by technology. (Maria Dolors Ruiz Morilla, Mireia Sans, Albert Casasa & Nuria Giménez , 2017)

Improve communication

Your end-to-end conversations are safer, more precise, and easily visible when you use technology like dental practice management software, email encryption, and electronic claims and attachments. This would be advantageous for all parties involved in your revenue cycle and leads to quicker claim submission and payment from payers and better treatment approval and payment from your patients.

Risk reduction

Using technology can help your practice communicate with patients in a way that is more compliant with regulations. Several reports often circulate concerning heavy fines imposed on well-known industry leaders due to violations that might have been ignored. (Numbers at a Glance, 2022) A data breach is unaffordable for any practice due to the emphasis on Protected Health Information (PHI) and HIPAA rules. Whatever the scale, a data breach violates patients’ confidence, damages your company’s brand, and can cost you and your staff tens of thousands of dollars. When there are essential technological solutions you can quickly implement to reduce danger, why compromise all of that?

Hiring a Third-Party Dental Billing Service Provider for Help

Though outsourcing dental billing services may appear scary, it is a wise choice. We have plenty of evidence to support this statement. Instead of using the same old inside method, you can receive many benefits at home. Accepting that a dentistry business may face significant financial difficulties that slow down steady cash flow, make it challenging at times, and seem unachievable is entirely typical. However, relying on a professional for dental services and support can help. Dental billing services are complicated and intricate. Additionally, it calls for extensive customization and knowledge of the fundamental operations of the organization. In addition to cost savings, outsourcing critical tasks transfers risk to the service provider, assuring and raising the quality level of completed tasks. (Gabriel Giertl,Marek Potkány,Miloš Gejdoš, 2015) Therefore, getting the help of 3rd party will assist you.

Outsource your dental billing process with MedsDental billing company

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