Why does a dental practice require a skilled dental billing service provider?

Why does a dental practice require a skilled dental billing service provider?

Like other medical operations, owning a dentist’s office entails much more than merely seeing patients. You need to recruit and control front desk workers, ensure that patients and insurers are billed on time, monitor accounts receivable and payable, flow the dental billing process accurately, and more. Keeping everything aside, dental billing is something that requires exceptional effort and time. Dental insurance claims and codes are more complicated than ever.

When you do not have experience with an accurate billing process or when you are unable to handle it beneficially, it is a better option for your dental practice to outsource. A research paper stated that “outsourcing has grown quickly, which shows that both public and commercial enterprises predict benefits from it.” (Tibor Kremic, Oya Tukel, Walter O. Rom, 2006)

And if you do not consider outsourcing to a third-party billing service provider, you might have to face some critical consequences. For instance:

  • When you keep your billing functions in-house, expenditures often build up. According to research, managers in Croatian organizations see outsourcing as a strategy for reducing expenditures, with data indicating that outsourcing cuts operational expenses by 5 to 10%.(Ivana Dražić Lutilsky, Martina Dragija, Anita Krnjić, 2015)
  • If you’ve ever worked in billing, you’ll know that just entering patient data into electronic health records (EHR) systems takes a long time. This is a biller’s worst concern.
  • Your dental insurance collection rate may be lower than 98%.
  • You might have to face constant claim denials. As accurate and updated coding is required to submit a dental claim, if you are not updated with the latest coding rules that are not possible for your front desk workers, and they do inaccurate coding, you will face rejection of the claims.
  • You can have a high report, as unpaid claims older than 30 days make up more than 10% of your aging report.

According to an estimate, poor billing practice will cause you to lose $125 billion annually. To prevent profit loss and maintain your billing process smoothly, outsourcing dental billing procedures to an experienced dental billing service provider is a good approach.

Any dental service provider needs to know that “why does a dental practice require a skilled dental billing service provider?”

Reasons why should a dental practice go for dental billing outsourcing?

Dental medical billing services outsource saves time

From assessing the patient’s dental insurance to filing claims, a lot of collaboration between the patient and the health insurer consumes excessive time. Dental administrators spend a disproportionate time on the phone, with the average insurance wait time being 52 minutes per claim.

By outsourcing, time and many costs can be safe and focus on something else. (Somjai, 2017)A motto says, “Outsource when somebody can do it better for you.” So, if you outsource Dental medical billing and coding in this situation, this could assist workers in saving time and concentrating more on their primary tasks. The workers at the dental office must look after the patients and ensure that they are treated with the utmost care.

Remove the burden of retraining after employee turnover

Training for providers, clinical documentation experts, and coders is critical in order to meet evolving expectations for the correct coding of clinical conditions and quality indicators.(Jyothi M Borkar, Manjunatha R, 2020)

If you recruit an office staff member and rely on their abilities and expertise, you must keep them on staff because no one else is familiar with how they manage things. If he leaves, your practice’s billing may worsen since the replacement employee won’t know how to proceed. Resultantly, you’ll need to invest time in teaching them.

You will benefit from outsourcing to a reliable company in this respect because they deal with all concerns of this sort daily. Even if one specialist quits the organization, they have a large team of professionals to handle your bills efficiently.

Outsourcing dental billing process decreases the dental office’s paperwork

Paperwork is hectic and time-consuming. Moreover, if there is little carelessness, it may lead to errors, hence distorting your revenue cycle. The paper workload of the dental practice’s front desk will be reduced if you choose to outsource the dental billing and collections section. Research revealed that since 2006, about 25% of all general dentists in the United States had used computers. (Masic, 2012)

Fewer insurance denials and consistently filed appeals

There are now 250+ companies providing dental insurance. Each of them has a wide range of policies, restrictions for filing claims, and benefit restrictions. There are around 700 dental codes to apply, while medical billing specialists deal with over 10,000 more codes for filing. Of course, every insurance provider has a complex appeals procedure as well.

Insurance firms investigate the grounds for rejecting claims and appeals. It was a pleasure to have a dedicated person specializing in insurance billing and collection. Now that it is a need doing the function inside will probably be more complicated than outsourcing the work to an organization that is fully aware of dental medical billing codes.

Be up-to-date on payer rule changes

Insurance companies keep on changing their rules with time. It is challenging for a clinic to be aware of the latest changes constantly. And a single mistake may lead to complications. To follow the latest insurance changes on time, it is beneficiary for your dental practice to hand over your billing section to a well-reputed billing service provider.

Healthier cash flow that can lead to better treatment

Even the most devoted administrators may unintentionally impair cash flow if they cannot handle claims on time because of numerous other responsibilities. Because of late claim filings, cash flow is impacted. Similarly, the time required to prepare for an appeal may render it ineffective. The bottleneck brought on by your own busy team is removed when you outsource your insurance billing. An Indian study indicated that public hospitals that use outsourcing could decrease direct and indirect costs by about 40%. (Chandra, Hem, 2007)

Your practice will look more updated and attract more patients. Additionally, you will experience timelier, regular, and expected cash flow when claims are handled quickly, and receivables are adequately controlled.

Outsourcing your insurance billing is the least expensive option

It often surprises people to learn this, but it is a fact. Most dental billing service providers charge dental practices according to size and income. Depending on the practice size, the charge might range from $1,300 to $5,000 per month.

Have access to organized data and analytics

Nobody gathers the information about your dental sector and creates a report for you if you keep your own billing records. You must make your own report if you need to know your revenues. However, if you outsource your billing, you get well-organized reports on the status of your company. You’ll appreciate having somebody to keep you aware of that duty.

Difficult to keep a tab of insurance payments and out of pocket dental payments

Numerous individuals enter dentist facilities without first properly verifying their insurance coverage. So, ascertaining the patient’s eligibility during the dental visit is crucial. It is also essential to give the correct codes to the insurance companies when submitting a claim so that they may pay the dentist. Since a reputable dental billing company conducts this work daily, it thoroughly understands the dental codes and runs billing procedures well.

You will have less billing errors

Some mistakes can occur while completing a lot of paperwork, and patients can get quite upset if they get an unexpectedly high bill in the mail. But if you outsource to a firm that has billing expertise, there will be considerably fewer errors than when you handle it by yourself.

You can focus on your patients

Patient satisfaction and patient referrals are both essential considerations for healthcare providers. As a result, patient satisfaction and desire to refer to others are regarded as two of the most vital techniques for healthcare managers to improve their position in comparison to other providers.(Koichiro Otani, Patrick Herrmann, Richard S. Kurz, 2011) The energy you may be devoting to your patients will be taken away when you invest time concentrating on invoicing procedures. If you want to focus your efforts where it matters, consider outsourcing.

According to various earlier publications, outsourcing is expanding in Iran in order to increase service quality, improve patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. (A Barati Marnani, H Gudaki, 2005)


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